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Find a perfect accommodation for you. Japan Package handles more than 15,000 of accommodations [Western-style Hotels, Business Hotels, Japanese-style Ryokans, Minshuku, Shukubo, and so on] all-around Japan. We arrange a special accommodation for all of our customers as funds permit. So, if you face some difficulties to find your accommodation please contact us now.

If you are looking for accommodation in the ski resorts, please refer our Snow Package 2025 season page.

Western-style Hotel

All of Japan's cities have many western-style hotels, with famous-name chains well represented in all larger cities. In these hotels, the staff will speak English. Especially in peak tourist seasons, it is best to book far in advance. More than 220 member hotels of the Japan Hotel Association(JHA) have consistently high standards of service and facilities. The majority of these hotels will have the same amenities as any western establishment in any country, including heating, TVs, air conditioning and swimming pools, with the possible additional services of interpreters and shopping and health centres.

Business Hotel

One fairly recent addition to the Japan lodging network, which the cash-conscious tourist will appreciate, are Business Hotels. Found in all major cities and many mid-sized ones, business hotels are no-frills lodging aimed mainly at traveling Japanese business persons. Generally clean and comfortable, these hotels are usually smaller and offer fewer amenities than their upscale brethren. Business hotels are most commonly found conveniently close to train stations.


A ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn dating from the Edo Era, when they served travellers along Japan's highways. A room in a ryokan is constructed using traditional Japanese materials; flooring is tatami, and doors are sliding rice-paper doors.

A ryokan will usually also feature a common bathing area, often using hot spring water if in an onsen area. Recently High-end ryokan often provide private bathing facilities. Typically a ryokan will also provide guests with yukata to wear. And sleeping arrangements are a futon on the tatami floor.


One way to cut costs while traveling in Japan, as well as have a chance to penetrate below the surface of the daily life you're passing through, is to check into a minshuku. The Japanese equivalent of guest-home type lodgings, minshuku are family-run businesses, with the rented rooms being part of the owners' own home. They are often found in choice resorts and vacation spots, and feature moderate rates.


Shukubo temple lodging is the accommodation for worshipers to temples or shrines. The equipments are simple, but offer vegetarian cuisine and the chance to join early-morning Buddhist services or Zazen meditation Shukubo is about 300 locations in Japan, but many in Koyasan (Wakayama), Zenko-ji (Nagano), Dewa-sanzan (Yamagata), Mitake-san (Tokyo), each sect temple in Kyoto.


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PO Box 3026 Asquith NSW 2077

Japan Package

PO Box 3026 Asquith NSW 2077

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