Iori Machiya Stay

Iori Machiya Stay

Experience the luxury of a traditional Kyoto townhouse

Experience the luxury of a traditional Kyoto townhouse!

Iori townhouses have been lovingly restored and decorated with fine Asian art and antiques, bringing out the natural beauty of each space. Guests are able to enjoy a traditional atmosphere with all of the modern comforts of home.

What is Iori Machiya Stay?

Relax in Your Own House

In contrast to the limited privacy experienced at a traditional ryokan inn, Iori machiya guests may come and go freely, using the houses as their own.

Rental Agreement Basis

Iori machiya are rented to guests for just one night or longer, under a short-term lease agreement basis.

From Cosy Homes to Rambling Mansions

Our machiya can provide accommodation for one guest or up to groups of 14, depending on the house.

Furnishing & Amenities

We have preserved the old beauty of each house, but added modern comforts such as radiant in-floor heating, Broadband wireless internet access, air-conditioning, and state-of-the art bathroom fixtures.

Iori Machiya List

  • Oku Zaimoku-cho

    Oku Zaimoku-cho

    6 people

    Feel the Kamo river wind from your own private deck

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  • Izumiya-cho


    6 people

    Enjoy stunning views of the Kamo river and Higashiyama mountains from the deck and living room of this modern residence.

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  • Minoya-cho


    8 people

    Enjoy panoramic views of the Kamo River and the Higashiyama mountains from the comfort of your own spacious deck.

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  • Nishijin Isa-cho

    Nishijin Isa-cho

    5 people

    Nishijin is famous for textile industrial area, and this machiya is attached with a handmade textile studio.

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  • Sanbo Nishinotoin-cho

    Sanbo Nishinotoin-cho

    6 people

    A former artist's atelier featuring a high-ceilinged second floor living area with large picture windows and two comfortable rocking chairs.

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  • Kita Odawara-cho

    Kita Odawara-cho

    6 people

    Twin terrace house which conbine living room and tatami room made easy and comfort space.

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  • Minami Odawara-cho

    Minami Odawara-cho

    6 people

    Twin terrace house which conbine living room and tatami room made easy and comfort space.

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  • Saki Zaimoku-cho

    Saki Zaimoku-cho

    2 people

    Located at Kiyamachi street, short walk to Miyagawa‐cho and Gion

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  • Oku Tamaya-cho

    Oku Tamaya-cho

    4 people

    Living room with beautiful garden, great beams support ceiling, and artistic lights are all welcoming you.

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  • Saki Tamaya-cho

    Saki Tamaya-cho

    4 people

    You can feel warm light with calm atmosphere being in the house, and you also will see the nice neighborhood in the area.

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  • Ebisuya-cho


    6 people

    The Ebisuya-cho machiya was built in the 1920's, the era when Japanese traditional architecture reached its height of sophistication.

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  • Sujiya-cho


    9 people

    A large and elegant merchant's mansion dating back to the late Edo period.

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  • Ishifudono-cho


    2 people

    The cosy atmosphere in our smallest townhouse is perfect for couples or close friends.

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Iori Machiya Map

Iori Machiya Map
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Iori Machiya Stay
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