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Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage self-guided 10 Days

Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage self-guided 10 Days

Abundant nature, varied temples, one of Japan's most venerable hot-spring towns and delicious traditional cuisine walking on sections of the ancient 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Ehime Prefecture in north-west Shikoku. Start from Kyoto or Osaka, spend 2 nights on Shikoku with 10 days of hiking, and return to Kyoto or Osaka.

Shikoku is Japan's fourth-largest island, home to some of the country's most spectacular and undeveloped scenery. The island is also the setting for an ancient walking trail, the challenging Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage. The trail connects 88 Buddhist temples and the full walk covers more than a thousand kilometres. Pilgrims, known as O-henro, cover the journey over many weeks, staying at Shukubo temples which provide overnight lodging. This tour takes in some of the most beautiful hikes and breathtaking scenery on the trail, as well as emotive temples and overnight stays in both Shukubo and Onsen bath Ryokan which offer delicious traditional Japanese meals, exceptional service and warm hospitality.

We also offer 4-day, 5-day, 6-day and 8-day versions of this trip.


Tour StartsTour EndsPrice
Twin ShareSingle
Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage self-guided 10 Days
Tour StartsKyoto or Osaka Tour EndsKyoto or Osaka Twin ShareAUD3,375 SingleAUD4,120

Duration :

9 nights 10 Days

Visit :

Kyoto or Osaka - Tokushima (Temple 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 17, 20 and 21) - Kagawa (Temple 82, 81, 80) - Ehime (Temple 57, 58, 59, 45, 44, 60, 61 and 62) - Kyoto or Osaka

Includes :

9 nights accommodation, 9 Breakfasts and 9 Dinners, Round-trip transportation from Kyoto or Osaka and 5 pre-paid taxis, Detailed day-by-day itinerary and walking instructions, Topographical map, Local phone support

Exclusions :

Flights, Airport transfers, Pay locally for drinks with meals and for lunches, Pay locally for bus journeys on each day and the cable car journey on Day 4, Single room supplement(s) if required

Departure Dates

Recommended from April to November

Download :

PDF Itinerary


Day 1 (Meals : D)
Tokushima (Temples 1 to 3)
Walking distance : 5.8km
Elevation gain : Negligible ascent and descent
Time required : About 2 hours
Start from Kyoto or Osaka and travel by long-distance bus to Tokushima Prefecture. Begin your pilgrimage with a gentle introduction to the walks on Shikoku through quiet neighbourhoods of Tokushima. Visit three of the most eye-catching temples on whole trail - Temple 1 Ryozen-ji, Temple 2 Gokuraku-ji and Temple 3 Konsen-ji. Spend your first night as all pilgrims should - with a stay in a Shukubo Temple Lodging. There is also the option of staying at a city-centre Ryokan for this first night.

* An optional additional walk along paved roads to Temple 7 Juraku-ji can extend the day by 3km and around 45 minutes.

Hotel : Shukubo (Pilgrims Lodging) or Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Tokushima
Day 2 (Meals : B/D)
Tokushima (Temples 11 to 12)
Walking distance : 17km
Elevation gain : 1,185m ascent and 995m descent
Time required : About 6-7 hours
Travel south from your Shukubo pilgrims lodging by pre-booked and pre-paid taxi to Temple 11 Fujii-dera, a fascinating temple complex at the base of Mount Shosan-ji. From here you hike up the mountain to Temple 12 Shosan-ji (mountain and temple share the same name), then finally descend to the east. The walk is strenuous, but very rewarding with beautiful scenery. Stay overnight in a rural inn at the end of the trail.

* You can reduce the walk to 4-5 hours (10.4km) and avoid the first half of the strenuous ascent up Mt. Shosan-ji. Simply pay locally to extend the taxi ride on the day - no need to decide in advance.

Hotel : Minshuku (Family-run guesthouse) or Hot-spring Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Tokushima
Day 3 (Meals : B/D)
Tokushima (Temple 13 to 17)
Walking distance : 11.5km
Elevation gain : 335m ascent and 505m descent
Time required : About 3.5 hours
There are three walking options today. Choose an easier day if you wish - explore the Ichinomiya Castle ruins near Temple 13 Dainichi-ji before heading onwards by bus. Or select one of the walking options: a moderate rural forest trail with some paved mountain roads provides lovely valley views. A more challenging walk combines this forest trail with a cultural walk, which visits Temple 13 Dainichi-ji and passes four other temples along mostly flat, paved paths through suburban areas. From the end of either trail, you board a bus to reach the small Onsen village of Kamiyama and your inn for the evening.

* The more challenging option begins with the 3.5 hour moderate rural trail and then adds the more urban cultural temple walk of 9.2km along mostly flat paved roads.

Hotel : Hot-spring Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Tokushima
Day 4 (Meals : B/D)
Tokushima (Temples 20 to 21)
Walking distance : 8.2km
Elevation gain : 460m of ascent and 470m descent
Time required : About 3-4 hours
Travel by pre-paid taxi to one of the most beautiful and varied hikes on the entire 88 Pilgrimage route. After a short but steep uphill walk to Temple 20 Kakurin-ji, the trail descends to the hamlet of Anan, crosses the Nakagawa River and climbs again to Temple 21 Tairyu-ji. End the day with a cable car ride with wonderful views over a cedar forest and the small town below. Travel by bus to your accommodation for the evening.

* The walk can be shortened to about 3 hours (8.2km). Simply pay locally to extend the taxi ride on the day - no need to decide in advance.

Hotel : Ryokan (Travellers Inn) or Hotel in Tokushima
Day 5 (Meals : B/D)
Kagawa (Temples 82 to 80)
Walking distance : 13.5km
Elevation gain : 335m of ascent and 655m of descent
Time required : About 5 hours
Leaving Tokushima, travel by train, bus and finally pre-booked and prepaid taxi to a rewarding hike in northern Kagawa Prefecture. Walk through lovely scenery and visit a fine collection of temples - Temple 82 Negoro-ji, Temple 81 Shiromine-ji and finally Temple 80 Kokubun-ji. Travel onwards by train for an overnight stay in the old hot-spring town of Kotohira Spa.

* The walk can be shortened by 1.5 hours (5.4km) by omitting the round-trip section to Temple 81 Shiromine-ji.

Hotel : Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Kotohira
Day 6 (Meals : B/D)
Kagawa (Kotohira Spa)
A full day to explore Kotohira Spa. Visit the Shinto shrine Konpira-dai-gongen, located half-way up Mount Zozu at an elevation of 521 metres. Try the famous local delicacy - delicious, hand-made, thick Udon noodles. You may also wish to visit the Konpira Grand Theatre Kanamaruza Kabuki Hall, the oldest original Kabuki Theatre and Temple 75 Zentsu-ji; the birthplace of Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism. Overnight in Kotohira Spa.
Hotel : Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Kotohira
Day 7 (Meals : B/D)
Ehime (Temples 57 to 58)
Walking distance : 4.4km
Elevation gain : 250m of ascent and negligible descent
Time required : About 1.5 hours
Leaving Kagawa, travel by train to Imabari in northern Ehime to begin your hike to Temple 57 Eifuku-ji. The walk gradually passes from urban townscape to rural farming communities before entering a forest with a steady climb to Temple 58 Senryu-ji. Visit Eifuku-ji and Senyu-ji and there is also an optional detour to Temple 56 Taisan-ji. Overnight at Senryu-ji, which offers pilgrim lodgings, or alternatively stay in a western-style hotel in Imabari City.
Hotel : Shukubo (Pilgrims Lodging) or Hotel in Ehime
Day 8 (Meals : B/D)
Ehime (Temple 58 onwards)
Walking distance : 4.4km
Elevation gain : Negligible ascent and 250m descent
Time required : About 1 hour
The hike continues with a gentle walk down the mountain from Senyu-ji, with the opportunity to explore small village settlements on the way. Return to the town of Imabari, with an optional paved hike on to Temple 59 Iyo Kokubun-ji and continue onwards to Matsuyama by train and overnight in Dogo Onsen.

* An optional paved walk of 4.1km can extend the hike by a further 1.5 hours.

Hotel : Hot-spring Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Dogo Onsen
Day 9 (Meals : B/D)
Ehime (Temples 45 to 44)
Walking distance : 11.7km
Elevation gain : 650m of ascent and 580m of descent
Time required : About 4 hours
Head south by bus and pre-paid taxi from Matsuyama to Temple 45 Iwaya-ji, a temple closely linked to Kōbō Daishi - the priest who founded Shingon Buddhism and Mount Koya. Climb the iconic ladder to his meditation spot, with its spectacular views over the surrounding region. From Iwaya-ji, enjoy a lovely forest hike to Temple 44 Daiho-ji before returning by bus to Matsuyama in the evening. Overnight in Dogo Onsen.
Hotel : Hot-spring Ryokan (Travellers Inn) in Dogo Onsen
Day 10 (Meals : B)
Ehime (Temples 60 to 62)
Walking distance : 13.7km
Elevation gain : 620m of ascent and 870m of descent
Time required : About 4-5 hours
The tour ends with a rewarding hike in the east of Ehime Prefecture. Travel by bus and pre-paid taxi from Matsuyama to reach the trail and walk to Temple 60 Yokomine-ji, Temple 61 Koon-ji and onwards to Temple 62 Hoju-ji. The walk passes through a rural area of Shikoku and the temples are in lovely natural settings. After the hike, travel onwards by train to the Kansai area, arriving mid-evening.

* You can reduce the hike by about one hour to 11.3km, avoiding the first uphill section. Simply pay locally to extend the taxi ride to Temple 60 Yokomine-ji. Choose on the day - no need to decide in advance.

Hotel : N/A


Tour Operator :
Oxalis Holidays Limited
Participants :
Minimum 1
Hotels :
9 nights Japanese-style Rooms
Meals :
9 Breakfasts, 9 Dinners
Level of walking :
Strenuous - Our Strenuous tours generally have multiple dedicated days of trail walking, with some days of up to six hours or more and significant ascent and/or descent.
Walking Season :
Recommended from April to November
Departures :
Any day Accommodations are busy and may charge extra during the following Japanese holiday periods: Golden Week (29 April - 05 May), and O-bon (09 - 17 August). Please enquire for availability and pricing if your trip falls within those dates.
International Flight :
We offer the option of purchasing air inclusive tour packages, or land only tour packages, giving our customers the freedom to source their own flights. However, we are always more than happy to arrange your flights.


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