Takayama Festival | Grand Tour 14 Days

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Experience the Best of Japan in Cherry Blossom Season 14 days and a beautiful festival in perfect weather

Takayama Festival Tour

Travel Japan extensively by stopping at three major islands – Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku - with an added bonus of participating in Takayama Festival, one of Japan,s most beautiful festival. This trip is during spring season when sakura, cherry blossoms, are blooming in colors of pink and white across Japan.

Starting from Tokyo, we travel to Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Arita Ceramic Village, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Beppu and Matsuyama . You will get to experience tea ceremony in Kyoto's Temple, a traditional kagura dance in Takachiho Gorge, the Tour of Hell in Beppu's hot springs, and a cruise in Lake Ashi with a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji. The tour will visit famous landmarks like Nagasaki, Harajuku, and Dogo Onsen. You will also get familiar with a luxurious ryokan, Japanese hotel, with a hot spring and a traditional Japanese cuisine.

This fully escorted tour will give you an assortment of experience from the metropolis city life to the off beaten track of Japan's countryside ; including a visit to Takayama Festival.

Price : Adult (age 12+)
Price : Adult (age 12+) USD5,148
Duration : 13 nights 14 Days
Tour Start : Osaka
Tour End : Tokyo
Departure Date :
05 Apr
Route : Osaka ⇒ Himeji ⇒ Hiroshima ⇒ Arita ⇒ Kumamoto ⇒ Takachiho ⇒ Beppu ⇒ Dogo Onsen ⇒ Kagawa ⇒ Naruto ⇒ Osaka ⇒ Kyoto ⇒ Nara ⇒ Kaga ⇒ Kanazawa ⇒ Shirakawago ⇒ Takayama ⇒ Nagano ⇒ Mt.Fuji ⇒ Hakone ⇒ Tokyo
Includes : 11 nights Western and 2 night Japanese-style hotel with hot-springs, Daily Breakfasts, 8 Lunches, and 6 Dinners, All ground transportation and airport transfers, Admission Fees, Tax & Gratuities at all included Destinations, Bullet train ride, Tea Ceremony, and other Japanese activities, Full time service of licensed English speaking tour guide, Handbook and Tour Goods Package, Free Wi-Fi in Bus & Most hotels
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DayEvent / Visit
Arrival Osaka

Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) or Osaka Int'l Airport (ITM) - Itami Airport

Welcome to Japan! We will have transportation services to take you to your hotel. Please refer to your tour handbook for more information. Rest at the hotel and be ready to start your exciting tour tomorrow.

From KIX Airport to downtown hotel in Osaka - about 70 mins (Bus)
From ITM Airport to downtown hotel in Osaka - about 30 mins (Bus)

Meals : -
Hotel : Kyoto
Osaka & Himeji

Morning - [Osaka] Dotonbori / Kuromon Ichiba Market
Afternoon - [Hyogo] Himeji Castle / [Hiroshima] Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (Dinner)
Evening - Hotel

Dotonbori Kuromon Ichiba Marcket Himeji Castle Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

We will begin today by heading to Dotonburi and Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka. These are great locations to sample some of Osaka's famous cuisine, or to get any kitchen suplies you may need.

Next our tour bus will make a stop at Himeji-jo, or Himeji Castle. Himeji-jo is a UNESCO distinguished site, representing Japanese castle architecture at its highest with almost all of the castle structure still intact from its original construction in the early 1600's, having survived all wars, earthquakes and natural disasters.

During our day, we will enjoy Okonomiyaki, savory Japanese pancakes that is a specialty in both Osaka and Hiroshima. We will then make our way to Hiroshima and check into our hotel.

Meals : Breakfast / Dinner
Hotel : Hiroshima
Full Day Hiroshima

Morning - [Miyajima] Itsukushima Shrine
Afternoon - Peace Memorial Park / A-Bomb Dome
Evening - [Fukuoka] Hotel

Peace Memorial Park Sadako Stature Itsukushima Shrine Genbaku Dome

Today our Japan tour begins with a visit to the iconic Itsukushima Shrine. Located off the main shore on the island of Miyajima, the iconic gate that floats is a must see. During high tide, the torii gate looks as though it is floating in water, creating a unique sight, considered one of Japan's three most beautiful sights. Miyajima is also known for its momiji manju (maple leaf shaped cake with red beans) and oysters which you can enjoy during your time on the island.

After our visit, we will spend more time sight-seeing in Hiroshima. One of the main highlights here in Hiroshima is the A-Bomb Dome, the only surviving building from the aftermath, and the Peace Park Memorial where you can see and read about the relic of the war. The A-Bomb Dome has been preserved to be a reminder of the tragedy for future generations and to symbolize its wishes for everlasting peace. Stroll along the park to see famous attractions like that of Sadako's statue and the freedom bell. Here you can see and read about the relic of the war.

Meals : Breakfast
Hotel : Fukuoka
Saga & Nagasaki

Morning - [Saga] Aritayaki / [Nagasaki] Nagasaki Champon (Lunch)
Afternoon - Glover Garden / Oura Church / Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park
Evening - [Kumamoto] Hotel

Aritayaki Glover Garden Oura Church Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park

Our day begins in Arita, where we will see some of the finest porcelain creations. Our day then takes us to Nagasaki where we have much to cover. We will head to Glover Garden which exhibits Western style mansions. After viewing these gorgeous mansions, we will continue with our foreign influences to the Oura Catholic Church. The Oura Catholic Church is Japan's oldest standing Catholic church.

Our last stop of the day is the Nagasaki Peace Park which was built to commemorate the Nagasaki atomic bomb. In the park is a large pillar engraved with the names of the victims.

We will check-in to our hotel for a traditional style dinner, a luxurious multi-course Japanese meal. Afterwards, you have time to take a soak in the hot springs.

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Hotel : Kumamoto
Kumamoto & Takachiho

Morning - Kumamoto Castle / Hosokawa Mansion
Afternoon - [Miyazaki] Takachiho Gorge / Sandanbashi / Tanada / Tunnel Station
Evening - Yokagura / Hotel

Kumamoto Castle Hosokawa Mansion Takachiho Gorge Yokagura show

Our day begins in Kumamoto to visit Kumamoto Castle. Kumamoto Castle is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, along with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle. Thirteen structures in the castle complex are designated Important Cultural Property. Several ancillary wooden buildings remain of the original castle.

Located next to the castle is the Hosokawa family Mansion, the family home for one of Japan's most powerful samurai families. Walk through the residence to get a better understanding of the life among the elites, and see some relics from the Edo period in the home-turned-museum.

We will then head to Mt. Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan and among the largest in the world. Before our day ends, we will enjoy watching a Yokagura show.

Meals : Breakfast / Dinner
Hotel : Miyazaki
Beppu & Dogo

Morning - [Beppu] Tour of Hell / Saga Ferry
Afternoon - [Ehime] Dogo Onsen / Rickshaw Ride
Evening - Taiko Show / Hotel

Sea Hell Blood Pond Hel Dogo Onsen Automaton clock

Our morning begins in the hot spring town of Beppu, where we are going for an exciting Tour of Hell. From the eight famous spots, we will visit three: the Sea Hell made up of bright cobalt blue hot water, the Blood Pond Hell where hot water containing red melted clay gushes out, and the Tornado Hell, a fiery geyser that erupts every 20 minutes.

Following the pattern of hot springs, we will visit one of the oldest hot springs in the world, Dogo Onsen, which is said to have over 3,000 years of history. The onsen is also widely known for welcoming the imperial family as guests and has a room called Yushinden on reserve exclusively for their use. Dogo Onsen's impressive wooden structure served as a model for the famous film Spirited Away. Enjoy an optional Rickshaw ride through the city grounds, or watch a traditional Taiko drum show in the evening (additional fee's may apply).

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Hotel : Dogo Onsen
Takamatsu & Tokushima

Morning - [Kagawa] Ritsurin Garden / Udon (Lunch)
Afternoon - [Tokushima] Awaodori Kaikan / Naruto Whirlpools
Evening - [Osaka] Hotel

Ritsurin Garden Ritsurin Garden - Shoko Shoreikan Naruto whirlpools Awa-odori Museum

Our day will begin heading towards Osaka. Traveling East, we will visit one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan that overlooks Mt.Shiun, Ritsurin Garden. Michelin Green Guide graded the garden three stars and is a great place to take photos, especially from the highest point that overlooks the entire garden.

While making our way through Tokushima, we will stop at the Awa-odori Museum, a museum dedicated to the prefectural dance of Tokushima. During the annual Awa-Odori festival, thousands of spectators flock to Japan to watch the traditional dance. Enjoy learning some steps and history of Awa-odori at this great museum.

Our last stop before hitting Osaka is Naruto, a small town off the coast. Here in Naruto, many hope to observe the large Naruto whirlpools that can be seen under very ideal conditions. (*The whirlpool can only be seen at certain times of the day and thus we cannot guarantee seeing the whirlpool in action.)

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch
Hotel : Osaka
Full Day Kyoto

Morning - Arashiyama / Rickshaw Ride / Golden Pavilion
Afternoon - Ryoanji Temple / Nishijin Kimono Show / Tea Ceremony
Evening - Gion-Geisha District / Hotel

Arashiyama Kinkakuji Temple Ryoanji Temple Gion

Our day begins with a visit to Arashiyama to walk through the Bamboo Groove Forest. The morning's sunlight passing through the bamboo makes for a perfect morning sight. We will also enjoy a spirited rickshaw ride through Arashiyama. Guests can enjoy seeing many of the traditional-style shops and temples during the ride.

Following our time in Arashiyama, we will head to the Golden Pavilion, or Kinkakuji Temple, a Japanfs must see attraction where the two upper floors are covered in gold leaf. The reflection of the golden temple on the lake adds to the stunning sight. After taking pictures, it's off to Ryoanji Temple to see the stunning rock gardens. Not all Japanese temples have them, so we made sure to include one of Kyoto's zen gardens.

To avoid getting too repetitive with the temples and shrines, we include a visit to the Nishijin Textile Center for a stunning kimono show! Keeping with the traditional feel, we included a tea-ceremony to help you relax before going back to the hotel. In the evening, we will head to the Gion Geisha District, Japanfs most famous geisha district. This area is filled with shops, restaurants, and tea houses and the area in Japan that you are most likely to run into real geisha and maiko on their way to perform at the Gion Geisha Centre.

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch
Hotel : Kyoto
Nara & Kyoto

Morning : [Nara] Todaiji Temple / Deer Park
Afternoon : [Kyoto]Fushimi Inari Shrine / Kizakura-sake Brewery / Kutani Porcelin
Evening : [Kaga] Hotel

Kizakura-sake Brewery Fushimi Inari Shrine Todaiji Temple Nara Deer Park

Today will begin with a trip to Nara to see Todaiji Temple. Todaiji Temple holds the World Guinness Record as the largest wooden building. Inside the temple, you will behold the largest Buddha statue in Japan. Just outside the temple is the Nara Deer Park, where you will be greeted by numerous deer that roam around freely. The deer here at the park are known to be friendly and may even bow at you for a little treat. We will then head to Fushimi Inari Shrine, one of Kyoto's many can't miss destinations that features hundreds of red torii gates. The path is perfect for photos or just to calm your mind. Once we get all our photos done, we will stop at a sake museum to learn the history of Japan's national drink. Before our day ends, we will learn about Kutaniyaki, a traditional porcelain art of Japan.

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Hotel : Kaga
Kanazawa, Shirakawago & Takayama

Morning - Yunokuni no Mori / [Kanazawa] Kenrokuen Garden
Afternoon - Shirakawago / Nagase House / [Takayama] Hotel
Evening - Takayama Festival

Kenrokuen Garden Yunokuni no Mori Shirakawago Takayama Festival

We begin our day with a trip to Yunokuni no Mori, a traditional handicrafts village in Japan that houses multiple styles of Japanese arts & crafts. There are plenty of projects to learn ranging from simple dying techniques to more advanced works. We will then head towards the beautiful Kenrokuen Garden, known as one of the three most beautiful landscape gardens of Japan. A stroll along this beautiful garden featuring streams, hills, and everything nature has to offer is sure to calm your soul.

We will spend the afternoon at the Gassho Village in Shirakawago, a small farming community of the city. It is declared an UNESCO world heritage site where the old traditional farm homes, gassho-zukuri, are preserved to maintain the beauty of the scenery. We will also be visiting the Nagase house, a former house-turned-museum filled with tools and trinkets.

Following the sound of drums, we will reach our destination to Takayama just in time to witness the festival in full swing. Takayama Festival is considered to be one of the best festivals in Japan. Their huge floats will light up the nightfs sky with many arrays of color paper lanterns.

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch
Hotel : Takayama
Takayama & Nagano

Morning - Takayama Old Town / Takayama Morning Market / Takayama Jinya / Takayama Festival
Afternoon - [Nagano] Azumino Wasabi Farm
Evening - Hotel

Takayama Old Town Takayama Jinya Takayama Morning Marcket Azumino Wasabi Farm

Takayama, or as some people call it "little Kyoto" has many areas where homes and shops are more than 300 years old and well preserved. The morning market is one of these areas we will explore. Enjoy some time to to roam around to buy souvenirs, take pictures, or visit other important sight see spots through this market filled with vendors and activities. There is also Takayama's Old Town, a district is filled with many well-preserved buildings and houses from the Edo Period (1,600-1,868), back when the city thrived as a wealthy town of merchants.

We will also visit the Takayama Jinya, which served as the local government office of the old town. Open to the public as a museum, visitors can enjoy browsing through the various rooms for administrative purposes, offices, kitchens, toilets, bath rooms, residential space, a court room and storehouses. We will have time to see the Takayama floats in the day time to see a puppet performance from the floats. The portable shrines are also stages to mechanical puppets that people control inside the floats called karakuri.

After our time in Takayama, we will venture to the Azumino Wasabi Farm to get a better understanding about the famous sushi garnish. The Japanese horseradish grown here is used for the popular sushi condiment, as well as other dishes. We will then proceed to the hotel.

Meals : Breakfast / Dinner
Hotel : Matsumoto
Nagano, Hakone & Mt. Fuji

Morning : Matsumoto Castle / [Lake Kawaguchi] Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
Afternoon : [Hakone] Mt. Fuji
Evening : Hotel

Matsumoto Castle Itchiku Kubota Art Museum Itchiku Kubota Art Museum - Galery Mt. Fuji

We begin our day in Nagano appreciating the beautiful Mastumoto Castle. The castle's tower, a 5-story, 6-layer tower built in the Bunroku Period (1,593-1,594) is Japan's oldest existing castle tower and is designated as a national treasure. Thanks to the unique black color of the castle, it has been dubbed Karasu-jo, the Crow Castle.

Then, we're off to enjoy the fine works of art at the Kubota Art Museum. Itchiku Kubota was a textile artist who devoted his life to recreating the forgotten 15th century Tsujigahana fabric dyeing technique. Many of his work is on display at this museum.

While many people want to climb Mt. Fuji, unfortunately the climb is only accessable three months out of the year. However, to visit Japan and not see Mt. Fuji is a real shame, so we make sure to take you to one of the best spots to enjoy Mt. Fuji's beauty. Be sure to take a picture with the mountain for a great memento of your trip!

Meals : Breakfast / Lunch
Hotel : Tokyo
Full Day Tokyo

Morning - Fukagawa Edo Museum / Kiyosumi Garden / Asakusa
Afternoon - Tsukiji Fish Market (Lunch) / Harajuku / Omotesando / Shibuya Crossing
Evening - Hotel

Fukagawa Edo Museum Asakusa Harajuku  Shibuya Crossing

Today will be devoted to exploring the multi-cultural spots of Tokyo. Our tour will first stop by the Fukagawa Edo Museum where you can get acquainted with the history of Tokyo. This charming museum is designed to replicate what life looked like during the old days of Edo. Walk through the city and enjoy walking into houses that recreate life during the period. We will also visit the Kiyosumi Garden located nearby. Enjoy a peaceful stroll through a Japanese garden, and be sure to take a picture of the tea house on the waters.

We will then delve in the old town district of Asakusa for some gift shopping at the Nakamise area. We will also be visiting the Sensoji Temple, one of Tokyo's most popular temples. This is the perfect place to appreciate Japanese culture and take some spectacular shots of the famous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate).

For lunch, enjoy sushi with fish provided by the Tsukiji Fish Market, the famous fish market that provides freshest ingredients for thousands of families and businesses alike.

Following our time at the market, the tour will probe the stores at Harajuku, the unofficial fashion capital of Japan that offers the latest pop culture and fashion. Experience the chaos and beauty that is Takeshita Dori, the place to go for fashion and crepes. Before leaving Takeshita Dori, walk along Omotesando street, a popular shopping destination lined with trendy cafe's in between. Returning to our hotel, the tour bus will be passing by the famous Shibuya Crosswalk to be part of the thousands who cross daily, and to see the Hachiko Statue close to the station. The statue is based on the story of Hachiko, the dog who would come back to the station every day to see his owner.

Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. In the Event it is closed, we will skip this stop.

Meals : Breakfast / Dinner
Hotel : Tokyo
Departure Tokyo

Departure Tokyo / Your home town or enjoy your extended stay.

Your pleasant and memorable Japan tour ends today. The tour will disband after breakfast. Fly home with cherished memories or enjoy your extended stay in Japan.

From downtown hotel in Tokyo to Narita Airport - about 90 mins (Bus)
From downtown hotel in Tokyo to Haneda Airport - about 30 mins (Bus)

Meals : Breakfast
Hotel : N/A

11 nights Western and 2 night Japanese-style hotel with hot-springs.

Yamashiro Onsen Rurikoh Yamashiro Onsen Rurikoh Room Yamashiro Onsen Rurikoh Bath

※ Example images, actual hotels may vary.

DayCityHotel NameHotel Type
1&8 Kyoto Kyoto New Miyako Hotel or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
2 Hiroshima Hotel Granvia Hiroshima or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
3 Fukuoka Hakata Excel Hotel or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
4 Kumamoto Hotel Nikko Kumamoto or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
5 Miyazaki Hotel Takachiho or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
6 Dogo Onsen Tsubaki-kan or similar Hotel (Japanese-style Room)
7 Osaka Sheraton Miyako Osaka Hotel or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
9 Kaga Yamashiro Onsen Rurikoh or similar Hotel (Japanese-style Room)
10 Takayama Takayama Green Hotel or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
11 Matsumoto Matsumoto Marunouchi Hotel or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
12-13 Tokyo Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba or similar Hotel (Western-style Room)
Tour Operator : Travel Oriented Inc T/A Japan Deluxe Tour
Participants : Minimum 1-30 (The maximum number of participants will not exceed 30 people during your Japan tour.)
Single Room Supplement : USD1,500
Hotels : 11 nights Western and 2 night Japanese-style hotel with hot-springs. All accommodation have been tested and carefully selected so you will enjoy the comfortable rooms and quality amenities. Accommodation listed above may change to the similar class hotels without prior notice.
Meal : 13 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches, 6 Dinners
Tour Guide : A tour guide will accompany the group throughout travelling with you from destination to destination. The tour guide is a professional guide, living and working in Japan, and will be abele to give personal insights about Japanese culture and society.
Admission Fees : All admission fees are included on itinerary.
Transportation : All motor coaches come equipped with air-conditioning, plenty of space, comfortable seats, and Wi-Fi. This tour includes a bullet train ride experience.
Luggage : We request one suitcase, plus one carry-on bag per person. The tote bag we provide can be used to hold any small merchandise/souvenirs purchased during your tour. When you check out, bring your luggage to the lobby and the bus driver will assist in loading it onto the bus. When you arrive at the next hotel, the bus driver will unload your luggage for you to bring to your room. You will be travelling with your luggage except during the bullet train ride.
International Flight : We offer the option of purchasing air inclusive tour packages, or land only tour packages, giving our customers the freedom to source their own flights. However, we are always more than happy to arrange your flights.
Extra Night: We suggest an extra night at the start of the tour or after the tour. If you would like to explore Japan further after the tour is over. Please let us know if this would interest you.
Remarks :
  • Package prices are per person, based on double occupancy (2 people sharing 1 room. Surcharge will be added to the basic fare for a single room or triple occupancy discount)
  • Itinerary and hotels are subject to change or cancellation without notice. No refund will be owed for any changes or cancellations if the tour still occurs.
  • Complimentary airport/hotel transfers are for designated airports only, on the designated tour arrival/departure date only.
  • Your group may be joined with other tour groups during the tour. Please make a note that your bus and tour guide may be changed once other groups join the tour.
  • Package price is based on US Dollar. The price will be frequently changed according to daily exchange rate.
  • Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you make a reservation.
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