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Japan's Best-Kept Secret Aomori Walk 6-Days


The northernmost region on the island of Honshu, this remote and exotic area has remained largely unexplored by Australian travellers. Aomori is Japan's best kept secret. The few English speakers who have discovered Aomori know it affectionately as The Blue Forest, and it is quickly earning a place on many of globetrotter's itinerary. The prefecture's stunning natural beauty, cultural attractions and archaeological sites make it a major drawcard all year round. Aomori remains unspoiled by mass tourism, and traditional industries such as farming, forestry and fishing still dominate. As such it affords adventurous travellers with a truly authentic Japanese experience long missing from the more well-worn tourist trails. A visit is a must for any serious traveller but be quick, it won't stay a secret for long!

Package Details

General Information

Price : Adult (age 12+)

AUD 1,980

Duration : 5 nights 6 Days
Tour Start : Tokyo
Tour End : Tokyo
Tour Type : Self-Guided
Walking days : 5 days
Departure Date : Recommended season between May and Beginning of November
Includes :
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 5 Breakfasts and 3 Dinners
  • JR East Tohoku area pass
  • Luggage Transfers x2
  • Day-by-day itineraries and maps
Excludes :
  • Travel Insurance
  • International Air Ticket


Michinoku Coastal Trail from Okuki to Same

Walking distance : 14km

Travel from Tokyo to Hachinohe by train (170 min). This trail runs along the majestic Pacific Ocean. Here, you can experience the bounties of both forest and sea. From the undulating sunken rocks to the white sands and green pine trees, this route meanders around the Tanesashi coastline whose magnificent scenery varies constantly. The abundant fauna and flora that change with the seasons, such as the black-tailed gulls and rugosa roses, are also an attraction. The gentle path, with few differences in elevation, continues on.

Meals : None

Hotel : Stay in Hachinohe (Dormy Inn Hachinohe or similar)

Oirase Gorge walk from Yakiyama to Lake Towada

Walking distance : 14km

Travel from Oirase to Hakkoda by bus (60 min). Oirase Gorge is a well-known picturesque locale, whether it is in the spring with fresh green leaves, the fall with the gorgeous fall leaves, or the cool summer. The gorge stretches from Nenokuchi on Lake Towada to Yakiyama a total distance of 14 km. Expansive woods blended with numerous waterfalls and the graceful water current give life to the magnificent mountain stream. Hiking in spring and the season of autumn foliage is simply exceptional.

Meals : B/D

Hotel : Stay in Oirase (Hoshino Resort or similar)

Hakkoda Trekking from the top to Jogakura Onsen

Walking distance : 10km

Travel from Oirase to Hakkoda by bus (60 min). Hakkoda Mountains is the collective name of the sixteen mountains which includes Mount Odake as the main peak. Mount Odake has an altitude of 1,585 meters. Hakkoda Mountains has been selected as one of the premier mountains of Japan. The area also has many wetlands such as the Tahiro Plateau Wetland. The Hakkoda ropeway gives visitors a convenient way to reach Mount Tamoyachi (altitude 1,323 meters) and the beautiful panoramic view. At the foot of the mountain is Sukayu onsen, famous for Sennin-buro (bath of a thousand bathers), waiting to soothe traveller's fatigue after exploration.

Meals : B/D

Hotel : Stay in Jogakura Onsen (Hotel Jogakura or similar)

Aomori | Leisure-Free

Travel from Jogakura Onsen to Goshogawara by bus & train (about 160 min). Today, you can visit to Aomori city such as Wa Rasse (The Nebuta festival museum where introduces the history and charms of the festival.) Or take Tsugaru Railway to Kanegi station and explore this small historical town. Such as historical house (Shayokan), Tsugaru Shamisen centre where you can see the history and play of Japanese traditional music instrument.

Meals : B

Hotel : Stay in Goshogawara (Pitt Inn or similar)

Lake Juniko Great Nature Mystery Experience

Walking distance : 14km

Travel from Goshogawara to Juniko station by Resort Shirakami Train (145 min). Walk from Juniko station to Lake Juniko and back. The Tsugaru Quasi-National Park Lake Juniko (Twelve Lakes) is a collective name for 33 lakes and ponds. These lakes and ponds extend over an area of 4 square km on an undulating plateau, with a ranging altitude from 150 meters to 250 meters. Though there are 33 ponds and lakes, it is called Juniko as when seen from the summit of Mt. Okuzure, only twelve could be seen. It is said that after a major earthquake in the Edo period, a mountain stream blocked by shifted earth then swelled to become Juniko. Enjoy beautiful sunset of the Sea of Japan.

Meals : B/D

Hotel : Stay in Fukaura (Furofushi Onsen or similar)

Tour Disbands

Travel from Juniko to Akita by Resort Shirakami Train (120 min). Then heading to Tokyo by train or explore Akita etc.

Meals : B

Hotel : None


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