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Tokyo Sumo Tournament

Tokyo Sumo Tournament

Experience the exciting atmosphere of Sumo. Tokyo hosts three tournaments annually for which the tours are set in January, May and September at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Stadium. This is a very popular tour with foreign residents in Japan as well as Japanese.

Tour Plans

1. Standard Meals1 Lunch AdultJPY9,500 ChildJPY9,500
2. Chanko Hot Pot or Sukiyaki Dinner Meals1 Lunch AdultJPY13,500 ChildJPY13,500
3. Yakatabune Dinner Cruise Meals1 Lunch AdultJPY23,000 ChildJPY18,000
4. Yakiniku Dinner Meals1 Lunch AdultJPY17,000 ChildJPY17,000

※ 1, 2 &3 Children (6-11 years), 4 Children (18 and 19 years)

Departs :

Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal - 14:00

Duration :

Approx. 4 hours

Visit :

[Tokyo] Kokugikan (Sumo Hall)

Includes :

English-speaking guide, Other admission fees and transportation costs included in the tour, Dinner (option)

Departure Dates

12-26 Jan 2020, 13-27 Sep 2020 : Daily


Visit the Sumo Museum at Ryogoku Kokugikan
Tour the Sumo Museum. A variety of items related to sumo wrestling are on exhibit here. The exhibit changes 6 times a year, so even those who have visited before can look forward to something new.
Watch Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan
Participants will watch from 2nd floor B seats. Enjoy the thrilling matches from your reserved seat. A sumo brochure is also provided.
Please note that you may have to wait to be taken to your seat if one of the following events is underway at the time: a sumo match, the ring entering procession of the Makuuchi division wrestlers (dohyoiri), the ring entering procession of the Yokozuna, the ritual stomping ceremony, or a speech by the Sumo Association (on the first and the last tournament day). In such a case, you will be taken to your seat when the event is over.
Participants are allowed to purchase food or items, or take a break or have a meal at the dining hall while the match is going on.
The sumo matches are held from the lower ranks to the higher ranks, beginning with the junior division.

15:45- : Makuuchi Wrestler Ceremonial Entrance.
The crowd becomes alive at the sight of their favorite wrestlers and cheers them on. The atmosphere in the arena brightens instantly.

16:00- : Yokozuna Grand Champion Ring Entrance. The yokozuna enter the ring accompanied by two apprentices.

16:10- : Intense bouts between the highest division wrestlers begin.


Tour Operator :
JTB Japan Travel Corp.
Pickup service :
Convenient pickup service is available available at major hotels in Tokyo. (see hotel list)
Departs :
Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (14:00)
Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel (13:50)
Ryogoku View Hotel (14:50)
Disband :

Ryogoku Kokugikan (18:00-18:30)

Ryogoku View Hotel (18:30)

Kuramae / Kachidoki Station (21:30)

Drop-off services to hotels in Tokyo are available (19:30)

Guide :
English Speaking Guide
Participants :
Minimum 2 - Maximum 20
Meal :
1 Dinner (option)
  • Watching sumo wrestling is becoming more and more popular even within Japan. This is a very popular tour so we recommend booking early.
  • When booking, please select either chanko hot pot or sukiyaki for your meal. If a participant's meal selection has not been informed by 15:00 on the day prior to the tour, chanko hot pot will be served by default. Also, please make vegetarian meal requests at the time of booking. Same-day meal changes and same-day vegetarian requests are not accepted.

  • Children age 17 and under are not permitted to join this tour.

  • Please understand that requests for vegetarian meals are not accepted.

  • An all-you-can-drink menu (including alcoholic beverages) is served on board the yakatabune. Minors under 20 years of age will be served non-alcoholic drinks only. The consumption of alcohol by persons under 20 years of age is prohibited by Japanese law.

  • Drop-off service from Mansei to hotels in Tokyo's 23 wards is available. Please inform us your desired drop-off hotel at the time of booking.


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