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The old capital city of Japan

Sightseeing tours of Kyoto city and tours departing from Kyoto to Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima and more!

Kyoto was Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in Kyoto that were built during this long period. Seventeen historic sites including, Kiyomizu Temple and Nijo Castle, are inscribed as World Cultural Heritage Sites.

Kyoto City Tours

  • Kyoto Morning Tour

    Kyoto Morning Tour

    4 hours

    Take a morning tour to some of Kyoto's most famous sites and discover why this ancient political capital of Japan is now its history and sightseeing capital! The tour...


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  • Kyoto Afternoon Tour

    Kyoto Afternoon Tour

    4 hours

    Take an afternoon tour to some of Kyoto's most famous sites including the most popular Kiyomizu-dera Temple and discover why this ancient political capital of Japan is...


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  • Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine & Sake Tasting Tour

    Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine & Sake Tasting Tour

    4 hours

    Enjoy the elegance of the Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, known for its 1,000 torii red gates, and savor some of the best Japanese sake.


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  • Kyoto 1 Day Tour

    Kyoto 1 Day Tour

    10 Hours

    Visit the ancient capitals most famous sites! This one-day tour takes you across Kyoto to world-renowned temples, shrines, and palaces like Nijo Castle, Sanjusangendo...

    From JPY12,600

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  • Sagano Bamboo Grove & Arashiyama Walking Tour

    Sagano Bamboo Grove & Arashiyama Walking Tour

    4 Hours

    Bathe yourself in the rural atmosphere of Saga-Arashiyama, a short train ride from Kyoto. With Mt. Arashiyama as the backdrop...

    From JPY8,900

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  • Uji Walking & Tea Ceremony Tour

    Uji Walking & Tea Ceremony Tour

    4 Hours

    Byodoin Temple is a striking example of Buddhist Pure Land architecture. Together with its garden, the temple represents the Pure Land Paradise and was influential...


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  • Kyoto Maiko Dinner

    Kyoto Maiko Dinner

    3 Hours

    1.Enjoy the traditional dances of the maiko! (apprentice geisha) 2.Take a commemorative photo with the maiko and show all your friends! 3.Savor a traditional Japanese...


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  • Kyoto Night Tour

    Kyoto Night Tour

    4 Hours

    The meal, a simple, traditional, Zen-style spread, is well thought out to provide perfectly balanced nutrition. After dinner, take in Gion's unique atmosphere by taking...


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  • Kyoto & Nara 1 Day

    Kyoto & Nara 1 Day

    11 Hours

    See the main sights of two of Japan's ancient capitals all in one day! This tour takes you on a morning tour of world-famous Kyoto to experience one of Japan's most...


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  • Uji & Nara 1 Day Tour

    Uji & Nara 1 Day Tour

    11 Hours

    Visit Byodoin Temple, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Shrine - World Heritage Sites. Also visit Ujibashi Bridge, Nakanoshima Park and Nara Park. Experience Tea Ceremony...


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  • Tea Ceremony & Nishiki Market Walking Tour

    Tea Ceremony & Nishiki Market Walking Tour

    3 Hours

    Experience an authentic tea ceremony and learn about Japanese culture. Then, the tour will visit the world heritage Ginkaku-ji Temple...


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  • Kyoto Kinomo Tour

    Kyoto Kinomo Tour

    3 Hours

    Experience Zen meditation at Daisen-in Temple, one of the minor temples in venerable Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto. You will get a taste of Japanese culture through this experience.

    JPYFrom 13,700

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Day Tours Departing from Kyoto

  • Nara Afternoon

    Nara Afternoon

    5 Hours

    Visit Nara, one of Japan's historical capitals! Come face to face with the awe-inspiring Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple and the friendly deer of Nara Park and more...


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  • Osaka 1 Day Walking Tour

    Osaka 1 Day Walking Tour

    8 hours

    Walk to the Floating Garden Observatory, where you will get a sweeping view of Osaka. After lunch, visit Osaka Castle, built in 1583 as the intended capital of Japan...


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  • Hiroshima & Miyajima 1 Day Tour

    Hiroshima & Miyajima 1 Day Tour

    13 Hours

    Visit Miyajima, famous for its Itsukushima-jinja Shrine. Its red torii gate appears to be standing in the sea during high tide. Walk through the Hiroshima Peace Memorial...


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